C-VRF (Variable Resistant Frequency)

The DC INVERTER VRF SYSTEMS is composed of FULL DC INVERTER OUTDOOR UNIT from 8 to 32 HP and EC INVERTER AIR HANDLING UNIT for civil and industrial buildings for thermo ventilation and air conditioning purposes.


  1. FULL COMFORT: The system offers full comfort and air quality in the buildings providing clean treated air thanks to the high filtration systems at constant temperature, free from uncomfortable fluctuations.
  2. EASY DESIGN AND INSTALLATION: The system is Plug & Play for easy design and installation. No additional kit is required as the Air handling unit includes BUILT-IN EXPANSION VALVE WITH PCB CONTROL
  3. TOTAL SOLUTION CONCEPT: Integrating Air Handling Unit into the total building climates system simplifies both design and installation procedures based on a single common technology.