Packaged Roof Top Units

The double skin packaged Roof Top units of this series are the ideal solution for air conditioning of wide surfaces such as shopping malls and restaurants, canteens or for industrial areas. Those units feature Inverter Scroll compressor with R410A refrigerant and EC Inverter Plug-Fans. The highest efficiency at partial loads is guaranteed by the Inverter Scroll technology on compressor since its power is varied proportionally to the requested thermal load. Furthermore, the EC Inverter Plug-Fans with high energy efficiency backward blades are managed by an electronic control adjusting fans’ rotational speed to adapt the air flow to the system capacity.
Equipped with extruded aluminium alloy sections and 50mm-thick sandwich paneling, these units are available in Cooling only and Reversible Heat Pump version.
The flat or pocket filters help to keep the air quality at a suitable level in order to guarantee appropriate hygiene standards.